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I’m Tia Smith, managing attorney at Tia Smith Law, and my clients often refer to me as the “Silent Storm.” Making the impossible possible is my specialty – and as your guided counsel, I strategically plan out, analyze and hone in on the intricate details of each stage of the legal spectrum so that I’m armed with all the tools to get you what you want and leave the opposition with no other choice but to award you the win. 
In addition to being your attorney, I earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Georgia School of Law, and a Bachelor of Science degree from University of South Carolina. I also studied International & Human Rights Law in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and am certified in Corporate Ethics & Compliance Management. 
Consider me your army general, chief legal strategist and secret weapon for going up against the forces that be. 

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We serve business professionals, corporations and religious organizations, individuals, families, entertainers and artists.


We serve business professionals, corporations
and religious organizations, individuals, families, entertainers and artists. We’ve represented a wide variety of clients in both immigration and estate cases. 

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"Attorney Tia Smith has provided my family with stellar professional services. The service is very thorough when providing information, being prompt, dependable, professional and always pays attention to detail."

"Attorney Tia Smith will go above and beyond to ensure that every possible
 avenue to achieve the most favored result is known and utilized."

 - Heather J.

"Attorney Smith handled the Estate Planning for my uncle and our family, and she did a masterful job. Planning for death is already a difficult thing to do, and when my uncle actually passed, Attorney Smith had things covered."

"Attorney Smith came highly recommended by a friend of mine and my family and 
I are very happy with the decision that we made."

 - L. Smith

"I have more than total faith that my situation is going to work out. That's all I ever wanted; an attorney who will fight and be creative when the chips are down. I have that now and wouldn't trade Attorney Smith for anyone."

"She saved me from literally worrying myself sick to see that I have more than a
 fighting chance to fairly state my case."

 - A.C. Okalawu

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